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Unlike the majority of music lessons available that fixates on one type of learning, one music style, or one set of books; Damian Spaulding has built a way of teaching music that 100% customizes to the needs of each and every student.  If the student learns best auditorally, experentially or even visually, each lesson by Damian Spaulding customizes to give each student the best experience and most mileage for time invested with him.  In fact his teaching method has become so impactful that we can guarantee that when taking lessons even every other week, you will gain more than lessons every week in any other style of learning.  
This foundational approach has now grown traction across the globe as Damian is now imparting his expertise in the practices of other teachers world-wide.  Lessons with Damian Spaulding is in essence like taking lessons from the teacher of teachers.  The time is worth every penny. Ask any of his students and you will see.

We are so confident in the Spaulding Method that we will never “lock you in” with a multiple lesson plan.  Try a single lesson at $60 and if you are not completely satisfied that the Spaulding Method is the best teaching approach you have ever experienced, we encourage you to go ahead and move to any other teacher you can find.  No matter where you look, you will never match the spontaneity, capability and sheer fun of a lesson with Damian Spaulding.  
Try a lesson today, you have everything to gain.
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