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Tuba Lessons
Bring tuba well beyond big band

Tuba Lessons

Tuba Lessons

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When one thinks of brass, the first instrument it comes to mind is the normally trumpet. Not only because of its penetrating sound but also because it stands "in front" in so many musical arrangements.

By contrast, tuba regularly stands behind even in classical arrangements. When was the last time you heard a tuba solo as part of a song?

Now tuba by its register will tend to be more of a support instrument but that does not mean it always has to end there. If you knew how to write music, or compose on the fly, you would be able to play along with a band and even subsidize what a baseline (in a modern song) would normally be; much like how cello does the same in modern music.

Through the Spaulding Method of learning music, you'll be able to speak the language of tuba like a "native language" and be able to compose music on the fly.

You will never be dependent upon sheet music (even though sheet music will be taught) or other antiquated means of musical learning.

We look forward to teaching you tuba in a whole new way and watching you impact the world with your newfound creativity
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Online Tuba Lessons

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