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Mandolin Lessons
Learn mandolin fast and easy!  The Spaulding Method of learning allows you to play with a band in no time!


mandolin lessons
From country music to the East Coast and West Coast folk, no song would be complete without the use of a mandolin. The mandolin is an excellent accent instrument as well as a phenomenal instrument for soloing and leading the way for a band.

Those the play mandolin would normally quickly agree that this instrument is a very under-appreciated instrument when compared to many others in modern music.

Through the Spaulding Method of learning, you learn how to not only play mandolin within a short number of weeks but also how to write music and the hold your own with a band that is your desire.

When you come for lessons, please come prepared with a list of songs that you love that do not even half that mandolin in it. We will take those songs, write a mandolin line if needed and create a customized learning profile for you through them.

We look forward to having you as a student of mandolin and many other instruments as well.
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Gift Certificates for music lessons
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