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Learn Modern Music "By Ear" 
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Welcome to the Spaulding School of Music. An online and offline form of independent teaching that is now revolutionizing how music is experienced across the world.
Experience the benefits of our exclusive one-on -one teaching strategy first hand.

The Honest truth: There is no such thing as "Good" / 100% accurate sheet music for most modern music and Tab Music often leads a lot to be desired as well. That is why it is best learn to play music by ear and then move to Sheet Music and other forms of notation.

Why grow dependent on others figuring out music for you when you can learn to do it all yourself. Read More

Special Features

Real-world television production experience through our Spaulding team!
Experience all kinds of arts this summer through flexible day camp
Yes it's true! We do have a glee club!
Learn music, drama and dance from the best of the best with the Spaulding School of Music Triple Threat Program.
Get deeper in your dramatic skill through one on one lesson or group sessions.
Connect with other musicians in the area and jam in our community jam space.
We have created a new set of very powerful tools for students and professional musicians alike in order to help hone their craft in music.

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