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Music Lessons - Learn By Ear
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Music Lessons Online
Online & Toll Free : 877-665-7802
Barrie - Collingwood - Blue Mountain - Wasaga : 705-444-6861
Learn Modern Music "By Ear" 
Lessons Online or In-Person
Any Instrument - Every Style - Every Skill Level


Welcome to the Spaulding School of Music. An online and offline form of independent teaching that is now revolutionizing how music is experienced across the world.
Experience the benefits of our exclusive one-on -one teaching strategy first hand.

Special Features

Join our special "Shoot Day" and have your own super professional multi-camera HD video created at a fraction of what it would normally cost for such a professional video.
Damian Spaulding now hosts a new television show on Rogers TV that features artists in our local area.  Learn more about Georgian Bay Arts and get featured as an artist on the show!
Teachers world-wide are now learning first-hand the many benefits of teaching through the Spaulding Method.
Online Music Lessons By Ear
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