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Play guitar like a pro without sheet music or even tab!
Online guitar lessons have never been made so easy and face to face lessons have never been so effective.  The Spaulding Method of guitar will forever change the way you think of guitar and guitar learning.

Guitar Lessons

online guitar lessons - Barrie Collingwood Blue Mountain
The Spaulding Guitar Method enables you to play guitar quickly and easily by ear:
  • Play at camp fires
  • Compose your own music
  • Rip music directly from an mp3 file (no tab)
  • Jam with bands without ever needing sheet music.
Through the Spaulding Method, in an average of only 6 lessons a beginner guitarist will be able to get all of the basics of guitar under your belt so that they can then work on mastery of the instrument through the rest of their life. More advanced students will experience an incredible fast-track as music will reveal itself it ways it never has before.
As with all lessons, it is not our aim to mentor you as a growing professional musician rather than a "life-long student". The aim is to cut your apron strings to the Spaulding School
If it is not in your cards to play large professional stages, that is completely ok! Our accelerated learning approach makes guitar not only fun to learn but also a great extension of yourself as you learn to express your inner being through your new musical skills.

Most students of the Spaulding Method at the end of 3 months are playing at a level where they can not only jam with friends but also:
  • Carry themselves with a band
  • Compose songs with ease
  • Play a number of songs with great confidence (playing along with mp3 or video files)
Each student learns at their own rate and is never limited by teaching style. Each student also experiences their own custom created teaching profile that fulfills their every musical desire based upon the music that directly inspires them.

With our unique "Applied Theory" approach you will also learn all of the theory you will ever need to learn about the instrument without walking through boring and often frustrating theory books. Give us a try and we guarantee you will never look back. Book Today Also See:
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Online Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar Lessons
Online guitar lessons are easy, convenient and affordable. You pick your pace, you pick your goals and we plan your path to success. Your lessons can be pre-planned and regular (Weekly or Every Other Week), or spontaneous (call us when you need us and we will help solve any trials you experience when you need us).

When taking guitar lessons it is important to have goals you would like to achieve and a list of artists or songs that inspire you. It is this list that will be your compass as you go along. Read More


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Become a Guitar Teacher

Become a Guitar Teacher
Experience first-hand the benefits of teaching the Spaulding Guitar Method to students in your area.  Our online teacher training program is second to none. Read More

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