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No sheet music! Really!
The amount of times a professional drummer requires sheet music can normally be numbered on two hands. Learn to play drums how the true stage performers do it.

Drum Lessons

Online Drum Lessons
Ok so when the first drum was built the builder jumped up and down for joy then immediately screamed out-loud: "This is great! I can't wait to put it in sheet music!"

Or maybe not....

Over the years we have found most drum teachers find incredible ways of making this fairly easy-to-learn instrument appear complex and convoluted. Anyone can make the simple appear complex. Few can make the complex extraordinarily simple. That is what we do.

We guarantee that within 4 lessons you (no matter what age) will be able to play along with one of your favorite songs (if not many), then we will build on your success from there. We have often been told that in two lessons, our students have learned more than what they learning in 10 lessons by past teachers. No-wonder the failure rate for drummers tends to be as high as they are. So don't waste your time or money with anywhere else. The Spaulding Method gives you everything you need to know about drums in a way that not only makes sense, but leads directly to playing with bands and having a worth-while experience with your instrument.
If you are not ready to play drums with a band within your first 6 months of lessons with us, fire us and find someone else to teach you because no matter your age, with the right dedication within just a few months you should be 100% ready to play with a band.

Once you experience for yourself the Spaulding Method and you will quickly see why you will never want to look at any other learning style. Book Today

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Online Drum Lessons

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