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Get big Sax sounds with confidence in no time!
Learn Sax, Clarinet or any other woodwind instrument through the Spaulding Method and achieve results that far out-weigh any other learning style. We guarantee it!

Saxophone (Woodwind) Lessons

Learn any Woodwind Instrument
Remember the fat saxophone sounds of the 80's?
Got playing in your head some amazing and expressive sax lines from jazz and other influences?
How often do you think those musicians had to learn their lines on their albums by reading it on sheet music?
Next to none.

At the Spaulding School of music we have learned that there are all-too-often two kinds of musicians:
    Those that can create
    Those that can regurgitate

We have found that the second is also too common in our world.  This is to not fault to the student, but rather the teacher.  If you don't teach a student how to express themselves properly and stifle them in technique and pre-written  composition, what result could you expect?
Though The Spaulding Method we first teach first you how to play music as language then move to sheet composition and replication.  We have fond this is a much for enjoyable journey for both the student and the teacher.  The results quite frankly speak for themselves.

Most musicians just desire to pick up their sax and play! No one wants to go through cold exercises with seemingly no relevance to the end music we desire to perform.  The Spaulding School of music aims to equip future performers, composers and expressionists though our unique method of learning so that you can play along with your favorite artists or "fake" music like a professional within months of starting lessons (not years).

Our teaching method also instructs the instrument in its "natural key" rather than the standard sheet music key approach that yields to such great confusion when semi-professional players get together.   Let us teach you as a professional and not a life-long student.    Please fire us within your first year of music lessons because if we don't have you playing along with your favorite songs by then, we are simply no doing our jobs.   

Let our method speak for itself.  See you at your first lesson! Book Today

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