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Clarinet Lessons
The gateway to Saxophone but an excellent instrument in itself.

Clarinet Lessons

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Many individuals that want to learn saxophone in high school and take a band class and get immediately shifted to clarinet. Of those we find 50% fall in love with it while the remaining 50% keep looking for to sax.

The way we teach clarinet however, can cause almost any student to fall in love with the instrument. Yes, the instrument is a little more demanding to get a tone out of than saxophone will once this is achieved the expression and a musician can make through clarinet is second to none. Truth also be known, once a musician is good at clarinet, many other instruments like saxophone reveal themselves to be quite easy to play.

Through the Spaulding Method of learning, you learn how to play clarinet intuitively and have a great deal of fun doing so. We will teach you how to play clarinet to modern music, classical music, and band music. And even teach you how to play along with modern rock another genres.

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Online Clarinet Lessons

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Clarinet can be very competently learned online. We have made an online program that will guarantee your success. Read More


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Learn any instrument online quickly and easily
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