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Professional bass playing is within your reach
Bass can be a very fast study when you have the right teaching approach. Even very advanced bass techniques can be learned quickly

Bass Lessons

Great results hands down!
Bass may seem like a relatively simple instrument but once you delve below surface level you will quickly find that it contains an ever winding journey to greatness. Through the Spaulding Method you will be able to play along with your favorite songs within 2-3 lessons.  Within an equally short time you will be also be able to play properly with a band and even compose your own bass grooves.  Bass is also an extremely fast study if you already know how to play guitar!

Do I need sheet music?
Never! When was the last time you saw a note-dependent professional bassist on stage fumbling though sheet music? Through the Spaulding Method you will be able to read sheet music (in the cases where you will be playing with a big-band) but on the mast part, sheet music just not needed in modern music approaches.

Through the Spaulding Method you will learn all of the theory you may ever need.  This way you can keep pace with even the most professional environments.  All theory you will be in the form if an Applied Theory technique therefore you will actually  be able to "use" all of the theory knowledge you will have stored in your brain.  Through the Spaulding Method without even realizing it you will learn and apply university level theory real-world performance scenarios without subjecting yourself to abstract work-book or boring theoretical processes.

Through the Spaulding Method we always let you sculpt your own learning curve as you present the songs you wish to learn.  We embed your theory knowledge as you go.  With this strategy bass will  always be fun and exciting! We aim to simplify complex and make music dead simple to understand. Let us show you how easy even the most advanced bass playing can become.
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Online Bass Lessons

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A cost effective approach to music lessons
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