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PA Day Camp
Music, Drama, Activities and Experiences that will never be forgotten

PA Day Camp

PA Day Camp

PA Day Camp
Have your child completely immersed in the arts for a day at the Spaulding School of Music PA Day Camp.

This new camp comes packed with activities and experiences that include Music, Drama, Choreography, Arts and Crafts and even Recording Studio Production experiences.

The Spaulding School of Music has combined a winning team of professional musicians dramatic artists and instructors to give your child a not-to-be-forgotten introductory experience to all areas of arts in one day! Our program is needless to say fast paced, highly impactful and a great deal of fun!

The Spaulding School of Music PA Day Camp is designed for kids of all ages and kids of all skill levels. If your child is already accomplished in music, drama or other forms of arts, they are more than welcome to attend our PA Day Camp and can still gain from the experiences they will obtain.

Often services like our PA Day Camp re-ignite passions for the arts in kids and youth, as well as introduce them to aspects and approaches in art that they have never thought of. The Spaulding School of Music PA Day Camps are something that just must be experienced.

Any if you have any questions please use the Quick Message part of our website.

$50 / child per day
Drop-in students welcome

We look forward to having your child join in this awesome experience!

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