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Owning a stage performance is what separates the "men from mice" in our highly competitive musical world. We will show you how to communicate, play tight, right well and own every performance you do.

Stage Performance Instruction

Learn how to perform better on stage
The stage is often the making or breaking point for most musicians. In truth be known, most stage seasoned professionals become more comfortable on stage in front of thousands than in their own living room in front of five. Some of this comfort comes with experience but much is a result of solid training and strategic conditioning. The Spaulding Method of Stage Performing focuses on crucial areas that are vital to a good performance:
    Mental Seasoning & Handling Nerves
    Stage Presence (Capturing an audience and holding them)
    Mic and Performance Techniques
    Managing a set
    Performance communication
    Proper Preparation and Warm-up
    Other highly important skills of the trade

Once you wrap your mind around the stage principles we teach, your experience on-stage will forever be improved.  The differences will astound you!  We guarantee it! Book Today

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