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Learn any brass instrument in a new and accelerated way
We will teach you how to play trumpet, french horn or any other brass instrument quickly and easily

Learn any brass instrument in a new and accelerated way

Brass & Trumpet Lessons

Online Trumpet Lessons
The brightness and brilliance of trumpet is second to none.  This instrument leaves many inspired to learn and play beyond the level of even a big band.   The Spaulding Method will teach you how to play trumpet not only for yourself but also with a band or ensemble.  Improvise like a professional and even compose music on the fly.  All of the above is made quickly possible through our trumpet teaching method.

Normally within your first year of lessons you will be able to play trumpet in any key and play along with any style of music "by ear".  With our trumpet method there is no need for sheet music unless that is your desire.  We will prepare you for any scenario, live stage to marching band.

All the rules mentioned above perfectly apples to any brass instrument:
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Online Trumpet Lessons

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