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It is quite regular at The Spaulding School of music to have a waiting list of students.
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Through the Spaulding School of Music there are no minimum enrollment times and we never "lock you in" in any way. As you see from our Testimonials page, our students love our teaching approach. We strongly believe forcing a student into a long term enrollment is poor form. Learning music should come from a deep emotional longing rather than a contractual commitment.

We are glad you are booking your first lesson with us. You will soon learn first hand why so many "never look back" after taking lessons at the Spaulding School of Music.

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Gift certificates for music lessons
Our testimonials speak for themselves! Read More

Gift Certificates

Testimonials for the Spauding School of Music
Lessons with the Spaulding School of Music is an excellent gift. You can never go wrong with a lesson style that 100% adapts to the needs of every student. Read More

More Bang for the Buck

A cost effective approach to music lessons
Through the Spaulding Method, you not only get further in music but each lesson packs far more of a punch when it comes to dollar value. Read More

30 Day Success Program

Learn any instrument in 30 days
Learn any instrument in only 30 days! This intense program will yield great results and is excellent for the adult or sub-adult learner. Read More

Adult Learning

Learn music as an adult
It is never to late to learn music! Adults often out-pace children in fact! Read More

The Spaulding Method

The Spaulding Method
The Spaulding Method is a new way of learning music. Through this method you will be able to quickly learn how to play by ear as well as by sheet music. Read More

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is simple. Teach music in a way that makes sense in our modern environment. Teach in a way that is self-motivating and highly effective. Read More

Learn Any Instrument

The Spaulding Method for All Instruments
Whatever instrument you desire to learn, the Spaulding Method has a customized approach that will suit your learning style. Read More

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