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Learn violin one-on-one while playing through your most loved tunes
The Spaulding Method affords the luxury of learning to play violin through the selection of all of your favorite influences. Never play a song you hate or feel no value with. Most faster through the instrument than you ever thought possible.

Violin / Fiddle / Viola / Cello Lessons

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Violin does not have to be a squawky and often pretentious instrument. Nor does it need to be learned in 3 plus years. The really perplexing question is why force students to play "Yankee Doodle" when you really desire to play "Vanessa May" or other amazing stage / folk artists?  The answer normally would be "because that is what 'needs' to be done"  or "that is that way that works, it always has been done that way".    The truth is, it does not have to be.

If you could learn violin by stacking together your favorite artists and songs and found a teacher who could teach you through those means, would you give it a try?  Of course you would!   You may say, "If I will learn theory and sheet music as well".  All can be done through the Spaulding Method therefore there is no better time to start than now.  With the Spaulding Method we bypass the boredom, sheet & string learning and cut right to the chase. Within 6 lessons you will gain a strong understanding of Violin, Viola or Cello and will be able to play along with at least 1 if not 3 or 4 of your all-time favorite songs guaranteed!

Violin does not have to be hard. It just needs to be broken down in a way that makes sense and is easy to learn.

Though the Spaulding Method within 3 months you can also be writing music (at any age). We guarantee it!(So long as you commit yourself to a reasonable amount practice time between lesson sessions.

We know the Spaulding Method will be unlike anything you have ever experienced and we look forward to teaching your first lesson soon. Book Today

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Online Violin Lessons

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Learn any instrument online quickly and easily
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