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Advanced Music Theory - Made relevant and easy
Ever felt as though you were "stuck" and music and couldn't get to that all too illusive next-step? Our advanced theory lessons are perfect to solve your need.

Advanced Music Theory

Great results hands down!
There is no shortage of teachers for early childhood music education and 'kid' lessons, but where can you find a teacher capable of instructing advanced music theory without making the pilgrimage of attending to university? Where can you find a teacher that can educate you to solve the specific challenges you may meet without being overwhelmed with seemingly irrelevant music theory dribble or work sheet after work sheet?

The Spaulding Method approaches theory in a whole new manner.  We apply theory to solve the problems you face, when you face them.  In other words:
If we taught you all the parts of a car, would you care to memorize them?   No.
If your car broke down, left you stranded and we taught you that it was your alternator and showed you how to fix it; would you remember what an alternator is for the rest of your life?  Yes.

Welcome to the Spaulding "Applied Theory" approach to music. Within only a few lessons any adult and even child learner will be able to keep up and hold paces with any professional musician while still remembering the relevance of what they have learned.   What good is it to know how to build a minor diminished sixth chord if you don't know how to actually use it when you are done.  We solve this problem is a realistic and highly valuable way.

Understand the complexities of jazz right down to the subtleties of a well written melody and experience how knowledge of advanced theory will change your musical life for the better.  The Spaulding Method has provides a learning structure that has been proven to bring great understanding in an extremely short period of time. Book Today

Online Music Theory Lessons

Learn Any Instrument and Music Online
Expand your mind with online music theory lessons. Be anywhere in the world while revolutionizing your understanding in music. Read More

Song Writing Instruction

Learn how to write a song better
Learn how to write award winning songs by taking lessons online. Each lesson is 100% unique, face-to-face and driven to solve the exact problems you may be having. Read More

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for music lessons
Give the gift of musical understanding to someone whom is important to you.  They will gain knowledge that lasts a lifetime. Read More

Applied Theory Approach

Learn Music Throgh Applied Theory
The Spaudling Method applies music theory in ways that solve problems and create long-term retention. No theory books and no abstract learning. Read More

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