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A new teaching method that perfectly suits today's music environment
Music has changed a great deal over the last 200 years but music teaching on the large part has not. Until the Spaulding Method of learning modern music.

The Spaulding Method

The Spaulding Method of Learning Music

The Spaulding Method of music is fast becoming a new standard of teaching music across the world.  
Through our one-on-one online music sessions, you will achieve all of your goals of playing by ear, playing by sheet music, composing your own songs, even learning production and live stage techniques with ease.
The aim with the Spaulding method is to learn music much like a native language rather than a routine that needs to be repeated.  When you think about it, when learning your first language as a child you more than likely started with simple words, grew your vocabulary, made some mistakes and received correction then after speaking at a ready pace, learned how to read and write.   This is how our brain naturally works however most teaching techniques (language, music or otherwise) teach in the reverse.  We learn how to read, learn the rules of the language, then learn how to speak or create.   As yourself, does that make any sense?
Through the Spaulding Method, even high level music theory becomes easy through our APPLIED THEORY approach.  Your learning curve will always be enjoyable and best of all, native to how we naturally learn.  It has been proven time and time again that students of the Spaulding Method learn more than twice as fast as students in any other method of learning music.

All Spaulding Online Lessons are taught exclusively by the founder of the Spaulding Method: Damian Spaulding.  His music and medical background lends way to our highly effective learning style as any and every instrument foreign or domestic can be learned like a native language through The Spaulding School of Music.

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is simple. Teach music in a way that makes sense in our modern environment. Teach in a way that is self-motivating and highly effective. Read More

Applied Theory Approach

Learn Music Throgh Applied Theory
The Spaulding Method applies music theory in ways that solve problems and create long-term retention. No theory books and no abstract learning. Read More

Damian Spaulding - Bio

Damian Spaulidng - Found of the Spaulding Method
A brief bio of Damian Spaulding: The founder of the Spaulding Method. Read More

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