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Growing internationally, teaching locally
The Spaulding School of Music is presently growing internationally by training teachers across the world with the highly successful strategies found in the Spaulding Method.
The Spaulding School of Music is also growing locally in the Central Ontario area with private one-on-one in-person lessons.


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Online we teach students in every instrument across the globe. We are also actively training teachers in how to teach their local students (world-wide) successfully through the Spaulding Method.  All sessions are one-on-one and 100% customized to the specific needs of each student.

Locally we teach students in-person and one-on-one in our private  professional facilities. The following lists some of the locations The Spaulding School of Music presently operates.

Barrie Ontario:

Barrie was once the fastest growing city in Canada and was the first founding city of The Spaulding School of Music.  Music lessons can be arranged in our professional studio at 80 Bradford Street beside downtown Barrie:

Barrie Music Lessons

80 Bradford Street - Suite 601 (enter glass entrance #6)
Barrie, ON
L4N 6S7
Pre-Booked sessions only
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Collingwood Ontario:

Collingwood is one of the greatest tourist destinations in Canada and is the home our second exclusive Spaulding School facility:

Collingwood Music Lessons

4 Teskey Court
Collingwood ON
L9Y 4R9
Pre-Booked sessions only
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Midland / Victoria Harbor Ontario:

One of the most beautiful communities in Ontario has now welcomed the Spaulding School of Music:

Barrie Music Lessons

349 King Street Unit 4,
Midland, ON

Pre-Booked sessions only
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Wasaga Beach Ontario:

Wasaga beach is the central location where we carry out our Glee Program. Longest fresh water beach and the world and now home to the most dynamic Glee Club in the area.

Wasaga Beach Music Lessons

2115 Mosley St
Wasaga Beach, ON
L9Z 0A1
Pre-Booked sessions only
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Online Music Lessons

Learn Any Instrument and Music Online
Fell in love with the Spaulding Method or been referred by a friend but simply can't make the pilgrimage to Barrie or Collingwood Ontario? Learn online today! Read More

Learn Any Instrument

Learn Any Instrument Online
Through the Spaulding School of Music there is a method for all instruments including voice. Learning how to play "by ear" as well as "by sheet" has never been so easy. Read More

Become a Music Teacher

Become a Spaulding Music Teacher
Teachers world-wide are learning the great benefits of teaching the Spaulding Method.  With our convenient and highly effective Online Training Program you too can experience the sheer effectiveness of teaching the Spaulding Method of Music. Read More

The Spaulding Method

The Spauldiing Method of Learning
The Spaulding Method is a way of learning music By Ear as well as through Sheet Music.   The method is extremely engaging and is well suited to our constantly changing modern music environment.
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A cost effective approach to music lessons
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