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Learn piano without the scales books and exercises
Piano does not have to be learned over many years. Through the Spaulding Method piano is actually learned by most students in within only 1-3 years! Anyone can do it!

Piano Lessons

Online Piano Lessons
Through the Spaulding Method you first learn to speak Piano like a language (natively by ear) then migrate to reading sheet music if your style of music demands it.  When you think about it, when was the last time you saw really good / accurate sheet music for any modern or popular music?
To be frank, it does not exist. Major publication companies actually musicians (not the original composer) to interpret the original song and build "Easy" "Medium" and "Hard" versions for beginning to intermediate students to play.  The end product barely resembles the original composition to begin with.  So why learn to play sheet if it is only really good for classical, choral and other remote forms of music when your desire is to play what you hear on the radio?
Let's start you first playing music you love quickly and easily then get to the sheet when it comes time.  Doesn't that just make sense?

In the big picture:
Did you learn English by reading it first?  Or did you speak it first then learn how to read and write?
Through the Spaulding Method once you gain a general understanding of music we will teach you to read and write as well.

If music is a language (as they say) then most teachers are often wasting your time and frustrating you by teaching you music in reverse. Through traditional methods, teachers instruct you to read music first then hope that one day you may be able to reach that all to elusive goal of "composition" when in blunt truth, most teachers of present day simply cannot compose music to begin with.  Teacher often resort to our school to teach them how to write actually.  
There is no shortage of people whom have felt crippled and frustrated by the traditional teaching methods of music.  Our founder was one of them.

Well let's put an end to this with old frustrating teaching approach that has burned up so many great musicians and learn music the way it was meant to be learned. As an item of deep self expression.

The Spaulding Method was built with this concept solely with in mind and there is proof in the results of our graduated students over the many years.  
The sky is truly the limit through The Spaulding School of Music as many of our students have become world-class touring professionals.  We look forward to instructing you with the same passion and strategy we trained them. Book Today

Learn Piano Online

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Adult Learning

Learn music as an adult
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The Spaulding Method

The Spaulding Method
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Applied Theory Approach

Learn Music Throgh Applied Theory
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