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Recording Studio

It is a little-known secret that Damian Spaulding has worked with some of the world’s top production artists and written and co-produced a number of award winning songs and arrangements for well-celebrated artists. 
Because Damian Spaulding is also well versed in Studio Production techniques and software, as well as plays a multitude of instruments at a studio level, students and professionals alike have relied on Damian’s services to bring that “next level” of production skill to their singles. 
if you desire to experience the same treatment please don’t hesitate to inquire.
Arrangements have varied from full-blown 40 piece orchestral productions, to even small single-instrument folk tunes.  With this, if you need to build a full-blown Broadway style production built, or a simple multi-layered studio take, Damian Spaulding is your man. 
Rate: $100 / hour.

My experience with Damian Spaulding has been phenomenal. Damian is encouraging and positive and Damian creates an environment where people feel comfortable being vulnerable and testing their limits. I wouldn’t have and the courage to record or perform had it not been for him helping me find my confidence.
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Music Production Arrangement Lessons

Music Production Arrangement

Learn how to produce and arrange music direclty by Damian Spaulding

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Personal Artistry

Damian Spaulding

Some artistry you may find enjoyable

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Consulting Services

Consulting ServicesConsulting Services Consumer Choice

Learn to excel in many ways through Damian Spaulding’s 100% personalized consulting services

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