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Self Motivation In Music

Self Motivation in Music

How to motivate yourself in music
Most students that try music fail at their instrument of choice mainly because of loss of interest or lack of motivation through the learning curve.  There are very few musicians in this world that wake up first thing in the morning with a deep desire to play " Yankee Doodle Dandy" or "Classical Studies in the key of E".  It is no wonder there is such low music retention in our world when we are forced to play these songs when we truly want to play our favorite pop-tunes on the radio, or jam with friends at a camp fire.
The Spaulding Method makes it easy for your to motivate yourself in your own music because from the first day you will be journeying in the direction of your favorite music.  Most new musicians in the Spaulding Method are playing along with their favorite song within 30 days of staring their first lesson with us.  As you continue to journey through your learning process you will continue to choose more and more songs that naturally inspire you and our teaching method will customize to your journey.  In truth your best influences in music will become your teachers as we work alongside you and help you gain mastery over your instrument.
Any teacher can make something quite simple appear quite hard; it takes a talented teacher  to make something very sophisticated appear quite simple.  That is what we do and that is how we teach all of our teachers to teach.  With over 20+ years of music teaching experience we make your journey through music learning, fast, simple and effective.
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30 Day Success Program

Motivate yourself in 30 days
Through the Spaulding Method it is possible to learn any instrument in only 30 days. Motivate yourself and you will achieve. Read More

The Spaulding Method

The Spaulding Method
Our Spaulding Method guarantees your success so long as you spend more than 2.5 hours / week playing. Music never needs to be arduous. Read More

Learn Any Instrument

The Spaulding Method for All Instruments
There is no limit to the number of instruments you can learn through the Spaulding Method. Read More

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