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Be a well rounded professional in-studio, on stage and in-person
Our studio sessions help you navigate through the intense world of live and studio engineering as a producer as well as an artist.

Recording Techniques

Connecting local musicians and bands
Ever wondered what it is like to cut a CD?  Ever wonder what it would be like to be the wizard behind the scenes and engineer a CD? 
That is what we are here to show you.  With the new space provided in Barrie, the Spaulding School of Music is now expanding to include complete recording studio training.  Budding new of sound and video engineers are welcome to partake in one of our many "applied" training courses.  "Applied" meaning that since there's no shortage of talented musicians developing their skills at the Spaulding School of Music, you will be able to benefit from an almost limited supply of live semi-professional and professional musicians to mentored in the craft in how to mix and produce audio and video projects.

With Damian Spaulding's television show "Art Happens" you will also be able to gain real-world experience in the art of television production (strait-to-youtube) as well.

This is a one of a kind program that is based upon availability of space, projects and trainers.  Let us know right away your interest so that we can plan ahead and create a 100% customized experience to suit your needs.

Through the Spaulding School of Music Engineering Program, the sky is the limit and a great deal of experience can be built in almost no time!

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A very special event is coming soon!
Learn directly from recording industry leader Michael Jack (the man who recorded U2 and other music elites)!
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Online Recording Studio Lessons

Online Recording Studio Help
Hook your studio in, show us your desktop and we will work to help sort out all of the intricacies of your studio environment using the best of our studio expertise. Read More

Musician Connection

Musician connection / band nights
Connect with other musicians in the area and jam in our community jam space. Read More

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A cost effective approach to music lessons
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