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Personal Development

External success in our world first begins with reconciling our internal struggles, managing our self-doubt, educating our selves in the directions that we need to journey and of course surrounding ourselves with individuals that will help lead us through the right paths to success.<br /> In the 20+ years Damian Spaulding has been educating others, countless individuals transformed their music or educational bookings into personal mentoring and development sessions.&nbsp; <br /> It was only by word-of-mouth that individuals kept seeking the guidance of Damian Spaulding to help develop personal successes in life, family, career, business and the like. <br /> If you desire help in the areas of:<br /> A) Life counsel in personal management, time management, career development etc<br /> B) Spiritual / personal counsel outside the realms of traditional new-age or motivational methods<br /> Damian Spaulding is here to serve you to the best of his ability and lead you to others that may also be able to facilitate if need be. <br /> No-one can be master of every fate. In fact it is Damian&rsquo;s experience that true mastery of any craft or skill will never be experienced in a life because the more we learn, the more we realize that here is so much left to learn.&nbsp; That said, Damian is here to bring as far as he can facilitate in your personal development while leading you in areas of self-guidance or further mentoring from others as well. <br /> The goal will be to get you self-dependant on your core skills while safely inter-dependent on your well-established connections with your trusted community.&nbsp; <br /> Let the journey begin!<br /> Each engagement is booked in 1 hour sessions and is billed at $150 / hour.<br />
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I first met Damian in 2014 while searching for vocal coaches on the web for my daughter Sydney. Damian immediately became my daughter’s vocal coach as soon as I met him. I never in my wildest dreams would have known what a gift he would become in our lives. Damian taught Sydney vocal lessons for about 4 years. Damian’s style of teaching had Sydney excited to come back for more. At every lesson, Sydney learned more about her personal vocal gymnastics and what she could achieve. Damian’s unique teaching style and personality is inviting, fun, charismatic, intelligent, talented, generous, kind, loving, effective and patient. Damian taught Sydney to think for herself and sometimes struggle with that during her lessons, and then like a hero come in and help her to grasp the comprehension she needed. Sydney was stretched and she grew exceedingly. <Br />
I’ve witnessed similar kinds of relationships with Damian’s other students. He always makes it fun for them to be there and they really come to love him and desire to learn what he is offering. There is always laughter and hard work present in the studio. Damian makes learning a fun and attainable goal! Damian is unlike any teacher I have ever known. <Br />
On a personal level, I couldn’t ask for a better friend than Damian Spaulding. He has been there for my daughter and me in some of our toughest personal times. Damian has supported Sydney and helped her become a stronger and more confident person, and performer. Damian’s kindness is first class. <Br />
Anyone who gets to know Damian and work with him in any aspect, will quickly realize that he is a gift from God. I am blessed to work with him and call him friend. <Br />
L. Boyle <Br />

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