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A window into the life of Damian Spaulding

Damian Spaulding

Damian Spaulding is a celebrated artist both and literature.  His musical achievements deserve a page of its own therefore music arrangements and performances can be found here:

Subscribe to his artistic journey here:

The following are some literature compositions that many continue to love.  Personal notes for each work are provided in italic:
Months before my marriage when I was in my early twenties, I had a vision that will speak for itself:


Like the touch of a rose upon my lips
I stare at your ageless sweet gaze.
Your eyes shimmer white
and the candles break light
of our love lived in golden days.

Your hands tremble old,
so frail and so cold
but your beauty will never hinder;
for you're the love of my life
and the day of my days,
any pain in my heart melts like cinders.

When I cherish you all,
and I hold you so close
I feel though our hearts beat as one.
With just a touch of your skin
and a caress of your soul
I know our lives have only begun.

We have traveled so far,
I can now see the end
and I sense that your breath is now short;
but I will meet you soon
and we will fly like a loon
till we land in God's heavenly court.

Life has been hard,
and it struck us so deep
I know soon it never will be,
as painful as now
follow me and find how
we can live with our Lord flying free.

Praise you.....

I wrote this to commemorate my father's death about two days after his passing.

Legacy In Me

You gave of yourself, even when it caused you pain.
You lived your life in ways, so that others may gain.
You set an example for me, one where I could be free.
And now that you've left, I finally see,
the legacy you've placed in me.

A snapshot of my emotions when my father died November 5th 2010 (written April 1 2012)


My father is dead
the church bells have spoken
My body is weak
and my spirit falls broken

Life crashes
burned to ashes
like his body now gone,
With his memorial now behind me
I must somehow move on

How does one drink from a vessel that has become parched and empty?
How does one journey with no soles on their feet?

With pain,
With trial,
Lived one day at a time;
new calluses now hardening
damn, must everything rhyme?

Life is not clean. It's dirty.
Life's not smooth it is rough.
Life holds no prisoner.

I will make it, I will make it, I will make it. You will see;
cause God lives in me and through Him I will be,
made whole.


Looking Down From The Milky Way

Looking down upon the earth I see the madness
I see the sadness
I see the way things shouldn't be

Looking down upon the earth I see the resentment
never contentment
striving after lunacy

Looking down upon the earth I see the starving
not so alarming
based on how you treated me

Though I am with you
you still betray me
yet you cast the blame on anyone but thee

Looking down upon the earth I see the hopeful
and never mope-full
as they raise their hands to me

I see the mourning
but never scouring
as they strive for purity

Looking down upon the earth I see redemption
not apprehension
cause I gave myself to thee

Abide within me
and I will give the
everything that matters most to me

Cause I have built you
and I will love you
and I do know your every need

what matters to me
is that you're healthy
ensure your soul will never bleed

Your deep desires
I planted in you
and I know what matters most

Cause it's not envy
or what you prayed thee
It's something that you've never known before

Looking down upon the earth I see no sorrow
because tomorrow
I will give you my right hand

Cause I am with you
will not betray you
but will be faithful to the end

I will now lift you
and I will guide you
I will soothe your slightest wound

Cause you have asked me
and I have heard you
and even though it's hard to see, i'll always be your love, your guide, your friend.

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