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Musician Tools
Ground breaking new tools for beginner to professional musicians

Musician Tools

Advanced Tools For Musicians

The Spaulding School of Music has teamed with Core Management Solutions to provide professional musician tools to make your life easier.

Chord and Scale Generator:

  • Determine how to play any chord on any instrument in any position on the neck or fingerboard
  • Determine how to play any scale (by preset or by custom design)
  • Discover any chord by typing in note letters into a chord box and let your computer do all of the hard work
  • Prepare your compositions using the new chords and scales you have discovered.
The Guitar Chord and Scale Generator for IPhone and Android are currently under construction. 

New Song Creator:

  • Write and arrange your songs complete with repeats, first and second endings, verse, chorus, bridge and the like.
  • Share your songs with friends
  • Combine chords with your lyrics in an intuitive and accurate way
This tool is still under construction Book Today

Applied Theory Approach

Learn Music Throgh Applied Theory
The Spaulding Method applies music theory in ways that solve problems and create long-term retention. No theory books and no abstract learning. Read More

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is simple. Teach music in a way that makes sense in our modern environment. Teach in a way that is self-motivating and highly effective. Read More

Learn Any Instrument

Learn any instrument on vacation
Learn any instrument with relative ease through the Spaulding Method. Read More

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