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Online music teaching that dares to be different!
Live, face-to-face and individualized attention by a highly qualified instructor is the best way to learn any instrument. It is this truth that we have based our entire online teaching strategy around.

Online music teaching that dares to be different!

Online Music Lessons

online music lessons - Barrie Collingwood Blue Mountain
Learning music online is simple and highly effective when done through the Spaulding Method.  Unlike other methods that require a teacher to be there looking over your shoulder confirming that you are playing every note correctly, the Spaulding Method of learning deploys techniques that enable you to learn music more like a native language rather than a cold exercise.  This is not your typical "learn by DVD" approach but rather a comprehensive face-to-face / customized learning process for you.  The Spaulding Method allows you to play by ear as well as by sheet and is 100% customized to every student we teach.

What is Required:
Learning online is simple.  All that is needed is a computer with a high-speed connection, a camera and a mic (both attached to your computer).  From there we can then make a custom learning process perfectly suited to you, your instrument and your style of music.  Yes no classical music!  Play blues, rock, hip-hop or any style for that manner.  You will learn through the artists and songs that inspire you most!

The Process:
  1. You communicate with us what your goals and objectives are in music (from intermediate to professional) and we prepare a custom curriculum for you.
  2. While we create your custom curriculum we will send you instructions on what software to install and set a date for your first online session according to your preferred session frequency.
  3. Sessions can be held full time or part-time at just about any time of day (day or evening).
  4. Once ready we will get started!  Please provide a list of artists or songs that are of inspiration to you and we will start there.  The sky will quickly become the limit!

Who Qualifies:
Beginner students should ideally have a basic working knowledge of their chosen instrument. It is easier to accomplish great goals through online training after you already know where your fingers, feet and tongue should go. (Tongue: squarely in your cheek when you are thinking really hard [jest]).  If you are completely new to your instrument of choice that is ok.  We will more than likely still be able to teach you and we can discuss how to go about creating your foundational knowledge during our first "free" pre-lesson consultations.
Anyone can learn to play by ear (as well as learn theory through our method). The Spaulding Method makes learning music a breeze even online.  No more being lead astray by meandering YouTube videos. Learn the "real McCoy" by the founder of the Spaulding Method while spaces might still be available.

Teachers aspiring to become accredited 'Spaulding Method' teachers must perform at a fully established level with their instrument of choice before entering training with us.  You need not be able to "rip" music but you must be able to identify instruments within an orchestration and pull out elements of the music to your understanding. We can then teach all that you need to know from there.

Instruments Taught:
Any instrument can be taught through the Spaulding Method. We even have a process for Pro-Tools Studio Engineering, Midi integrations and other obscure requests.

Who Will Be Teaching:
Both student lessons and teacher lessons will be taught by Damian Spaulding (founder of the Spaulding Method). Spaces are limited so inquire early in order to be assured a spot in the near future.


Sarah Kobunski
My son Josiah is taking drum lessons from Damian, founder and one of the instructors of the Spaulding School of Music using Skype. Our 30 minute drum lessons are exciting. Damian's method helps kids, even super distractible kids, learn because they get to play music they love.
Josiah just started playing a month and a half ago, right before turning 8 with Skype. I'm always present and so I get to learn too. This is an unexpected surprise because I never thought I'd be good with rhythm. People used to laugh at me when I danced because I could never find the beat! Damian asks me to do things that scare me and I'm surprised that I can rise to the challenge and I'm getting it!! I can't believe how much easier learning drums is than guitar or even singing!!
And Damian makes learning this instrument affordable because we are starting with pie pans covered with a towel and spoons. I like that I don't have to invest hundreds into a drum set until he's good enough to use it.
Some of the benefits of having lessons online are obvious like saving time, gas money and be little more earth friendly instead of traveling for a short lesson. But on days like today when it is -13Celsius/9Fahrenheit its so nice to not step outside!
I'm very impressed. This would be prefect for busy parents, homeschoolers and people who want quality lessons while saving money.
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