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Elegant Simplicity - Music need not be difficult
Anyone teacher can make something simple appear very difficult. We specialize in making the complex simple.

Our Philosophy

music teaching philosophy
At The Spaulding School of Music we strongly believe that by giving a student a firm foundational knowledge of their instrument before focusing on the regurgitation of old artist compositions, they will experience a heightened ability to improvise, compose and enjoy each instrument for its original intent purpose: As a tool for deep self expression. Through our unique "Applied Theory" approach, each student learns to play their instrument well, then share that skill with others through collaborative expression, stage performances, recording sessions, composition, the writing of sheet music and more.

Through the Spaulding Method of music a high level of proficiency will be achieved in a fraction of the time it would take through any other teaching method. The Spaulding Method is a culmination of over 20+ years of teaching experience by Damian Spaulding and through our strategy, you are guaranteed greater progress and a much larger understanding of music in far less time when compared to any other method. After only one lesson you will experience first-hand the difference between the Spaulding Method and all others. Book Today

The Spaulding Method

The Spaulding Method
The Spaulding Method is a new way of learning music. Through this method you will be able to quickly learn how to play by ear as well as by sheet music. Read More

Applied Theory Approach

Learn Music Throgh Applied Theory
The Spaulding Method applies music theory in ways that solve problems and create long-term retention. No theory books and no abstract learning. Read More

Self Motivated Learning

Motivate yourself in 30 days
Music never needs to be tedious. The Spaulding Method is specifically designed to allow a student at any age to self-motivate themselves. Read More

30 Day Success Program

Motivate yourself in 30 days
Through the Spaulding Method it is possible to learn any instrument in only 30 days. We already have an entire plan for your sucess. Read More

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