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Music lessons for the traveling soldier
You can your family can now experience consistent results in music as your military career may take you across the globe

Music lessons for the traveling soldier

Online Music Lessons for Military Personnel

Online Music Lessons for Military Personnel
Military families and personnel are constantly looking for a consistent music teaching process that can move around the globe with them.  DVD sets and random YouTube videos just don't cut it. 

The best scenario is to gain a full-time highly qualified music teacher that can travel with you as you globe hop with no limitation.  We understand your need and are there for you. 

The Spaulding School of Music online program allows one-on-one training for you, your family or friends as you travel anywhere in the world. 

The Spaulding Method is a new method of learning that customizes to your specific musical desires (jazz, classic, blues, country, even marching bands).  Our unique approach makes it easy to learn almost any instrument at any time.  As long as you can gain a high-speed internet connection, your professional private music tutor will travel with you. Book Today

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Learn Any Instrument Online
Learn online from anywhere in the world. No matter where your tour will take you or your family. Read More

The Spaulding Method

The Spaulding Method of Learning Music
Not only does the Spaulding Method travel with you, but our new breed of learning is proven to be the most effect way to learn music. Read More

Our Teachers

The Spaulding Method of Learning Music
Learn more about our teachers and how we can serve you. Read More

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