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More mileage for the money
The Spaulding method is a premium method of learning that is not only very fun, but also very cost effective when compared to traditional methods of learning

Great results hands down!

Through the Spaulding method of learning it is possible to learn music more than twice as fast as through other methods because of our unique approach.  Regularly students report that in two lessons they had progressed more with us than months with their old traditional teacher.  How is this possible?
We approach teaching music like a native language.  More can be learned when you investigate further pages about our philosophy and method on our website.

So how does this make lessons more affordable?  Unlike traditional teaching that requires a student to regularly come every week for a half hour sit-down just to go through what notes they may or may not be playing correctly, Spaulding Music Lessons can be booked more when a student needs a lesson.  Most lessons are 30 minutes long and can be booked every week, but often students prefer lessons on an ever-other week base simply because  we cover so much in every lesson.  Each lesson in the Spaulding Method is an immersive process and is unlike any lesson you have taken in the past.  We provide a completely different kind of learning.

How much?
Each online lesson is only $35 and can be booked every week or every other week.   In-person lessons with Damian Spaulding (our founder) may be set at a different rate.  Lessons in the Collingwood studio for example are $50.
As more and more teachers become trained in the Spaulding Method of teaching, they will have different rates that reflect their country and region.  Please contact us for more information. Book Today


Gift certificates for music lessons
Our testimonials speak for themselves! Read More

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for music lessons
Gift certificates are available for online and in-person lessons. Read More

30 Day Success Program

Learn any instrument in 30 days
The condensed approach in the Spaulding Method enables you to actually learn an instrument in 30 days! Read More

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