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Spaulding School of Music Jam Club
Learn to jam like a professional

Band Jam

Jam Club

Jam Club
Starting in the fall of 2015 the Spaulding School of Music has created a whole new experience for you.
We now combine beginner, intermediate and even advanced students in a club where they can play (by ear) with one another as a band right from the start!
During "Jam Club" students will be able to choose the songs that want to play as a team, and learn their instruments as they jam with one another.  
We guarantee that Jam Club is unlike anything you've ever seen.  There is no sheet music, no boredom but pure unfiltered real-world fun!  There's no better way to learn modern music than in a band and The Spaulding School of Music teaches you directly how to succeed at that.

The end result:
The resulting band will be able to cut a CD in our in-house production facility brought to us by the Spaulding School of Production and even tour with our Glee Club as semi-professional backup band.  The possibilities are endless.  Even start your own bands outside of The Spaulding School of Music and start touring!

The first step is to contact us and we will find the right band-mates for you. Book Today


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A cost effective approach to music lessons
Try Jam Club right away because spaces are limited.  There are only so many bands we can teach at once. Book Now

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