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International industry expertise right here in Ontario Canada

Record Industry expertise

Damian Spaulding has nurtured a number of deep relationships high in the music and general production industries as well as nurtured the development of a number of internationally known artists.  Damian is now here to help you develop as a professional musician /artist and lead you through the steps on:
A) How to be noticed by the industry
B) Licks and tricks for bettering your music compositions
C) Developing your business model as an artist and achieving new successes
D) How to manage your band or group most and how to achieve great results on and off stage
The above are just an outline.  In keeping with the Spaulding method, every participant / student experiences a tailored learning process to suit their specific desires and needs.
Each session is student lead and is a duration of 1.5 hours in order to dive deep into the personal development of each artist. 
Sessions are regularly booked on a once a month or bi-weekly interval in order to ensure momentum and accountability to the success process. 
Price: $250

From the desk of Zeus. Disney producer with Andrew Lane of High School Musical soundtrack.
Damian Spaulding! There’s not enough words to describe such a talented and knowledgeable friend/brother. We met a few years on a conference call with a few colleagues in the business of entertainment and have been going strong since. The wonderful world of tech in which he’s proven to be beyond his years, to Music, to people, I’ve couldn’t have found a better partner to weather the challenges set a head, and champion those we conquered together! He knows of these words but would like to put it on public notice, that whatever, whoever or what ever the cause or venture, one could not have a better and more faithful ally than Damian! If you’ve found him, you’ve found a friend. David “Zeus” Settles

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Consulting Services

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Learn to excel in many ways through Damian Spaulding’s 100% personalized consulting services

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Studio Production / Arrangement

Recording Studio

Learn how to produce music large and small!  From orchestral scores to singer songwriter success!

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