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One-on-one professional music teaching in your home
Online home schooling through the Spaulding School of Music makes home-schooling your child in music not only fun, but highly effective. Student information retention is extremely high through the Spaulding Method and any learning curriculum can easily be supported.

One-on-one professional music teaching in your home

Online Homeschool Music Lessons

Online Homeschool Music Lessons
Home schooling your children can be highly rewarding but also very challenging. Especially when the curriculum calls for music expertise that you simply do not posses, or a hands-on highly adaptive learning process that needs to be customized to your child. At the Spaulding School of Music we applaud home-school parents that have taken the initiative to teach their children at home and are here to offset the difficulty of what you may often find very challenging.

Through the Spaulding Method you and your child learn one-on-one with one of our qualified teachers from the comfort of your own home. No field-trips and no complicated time management.
The Spaulding Method has a specific learning process that not only adapts to any localized curriculum but also completely customizes itself to the learning needs of your child.  The Method also modifies itself to the specific learning environment that has been chosen by each parent and each home.

Lessons can be arranged in two ways:
  1. We can equip you the parent with all learning needed to teach your own child everything they need to learn through the Spaulding Method (step by step)
  2. We can directly teach any child their instrument of choice online with ease

A hybrid of the above options can also be entertained.

Lesson times can be arranged any time of the day. Normally a 30 minute time-slot (once a week) is all that is required to get you and your child moving at a confident pace.   

The End Result:
The result of the Spaulding Method is a customized "Child-Lead" learning process that 100% adapts to the needs of every student while still working through even the most difficult areas of music understanding.   Through the Spaulding Method there is no need to commit to a life-long lesson process because it is our aim to not only equip your child with the knowledge they need, but also mentor them in the areas of professional musicianship so that they can teach themselves in the future.   We go far beyond the normal "Teacher to Student" or "student to book" lesson outlines but rather bring a highly adaptive (hands on) and extremely effective teaching method to your home.  

What Type of Music is Taught:
The Spaulding Method not only customizes to the need of each parent and child but also adapts around the song environment that would be best suited for each student.  Many families prefer to learn through Christian music for example, while other prefer classical, country,  or other popular music approaches.  The Spaulding Method has been specifically developed to adapt to any musical format while still maintaining a high standard of theoretical and practical learning.

Whether your personal teaching and learning preferences fall more to a strongly structured environment or resemble more of a highly adaptive experience for your child, we will work with you to create the custom experience required in order to insure the best results for you and your child. Book Today

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