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Group Music Lessons
A cost effective way to get your first introduction to music

Group Music Lessons

Group lessons are an excellent way to experience music for the first time.  Even though the end destination of musical expression can be quite diverse (Jazz, Classical, Pop, Rock, etc.) the first fundamentals of music can effectively be learned as a group in a workshop environment.
Spaulding group lessons are taught in 4 week intervals and often lead to a deep independent study by each and every student that partakes.  

How it works:
Over a period of time, we take requests for students to partake in group lessons.  Currently Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums and Voice group lessons can be facilitated (based upon demand).  Through this process, we take note of the style of music you would like to learn and aim to combine your learning process with other students whom would like to learn the same style of music.
Once we have enough enrollment for a group class, we will notify of class dates and times.  Group classes tend to be taught on Saturday afternoons.  Pricing may vary dependent upon the size of each group.

Students (where possible) must bring their instruments to group sessions.  Details can be sorted out prior to group session enrollment.
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