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Franchises Available
We expanding world wide and you can share in our success!

Franchises Available

music teaching franchise - by ear
Now the largest and fastest growing school in Central Ontario, the Spaulding School of Music is rapidly expanding nationally and internationally. Our aim is to steadily open one new music studio location a month for the next 100 months. This steady yet healthy growth curve will help to ensure your success as a partner with us in our global expansion.

As we grow we are presently offering an unprecedented savings too new entrepreneurs ready to partner with us. The pricing and general arrangements are so good they cannot be made public . Once you contact us we are confident that you will shiver with excitement at the new news of how easy it is to run your own professional "ear training" school in your region. Spaces are extremely limited as we plan to only build one school per geographic location. Once those spots are taken, they are taken for good!
Contact us now before your geographic location is stolen by someone else.

There are three different kinds of corporate opportunities is available:

Corporate Franchise:
A corporate franchise is the best the Spaulding School of Music has to offer. It not only includes all of the advanced training needed to teach any instrument by ear through the Spaulding Method, but it also avails you the ability to have exclusivity in your area for a period of time with the Spaulding Method. Through this arrangement, you will be able to manage an un-limited number of teachers through your facility and we will even train them all personally for you! Yes, maintaining quality standards is so important to us that we will train all of your staff "on us". Once you have made a great success for yourself we will plan ongoing expansion strategies together. The sky is the limit!
There are other niche benefits of this service that we will mention to you in-person. Give us a shout and we will spill all of the details.

Private Franchise:
A private franchise is perfect for the up-and-coming teacher / artist looking to teach music on their own but not really desiring to "dig in" and create a vast music enterprise in their area. We provide all of the training needed for individuals with even no experience at all to become highly skilled at teaching music by ear in their geographic region of choice. Once you are trained, you will reserve exclusive right over the Spaulding Method in your instruments of expertise for a period of time; therefore you will experience the high benefits of having a huge strategic advantage over other teachers in your area. In essence you will be the only one in your area qualified to teach the new international standard: Spaulding Method of learning to play any instrument by ear.

Corporate Sponsorship:
Upon occasion the Spaulding School of Music may partner with a third party to expand the direct corporate presence of The Spaulding School of Music. We come and renovate a space in your area and directly manage the new facility through our corporate management team. Corporate sponsorship programs are very rare, but inquiries are welcome.

There is no better time than now to contact us. It is our aim to by the year 2020 have at least one teacher of the Spaulding Method in every town and city of the world! Corporate franchise or not, let's work together and change our world one student at a time!

Contact us today and we will answer all of your questions: Book Today

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
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Learn any instrument in 30 days
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The Spaulding Method

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