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Musician Connection
Connection  musicians of like minds and sounds across Central Ontario

Musician Connection

Musician Connection

Connecting local musicians and bands
Isn't it frustrating that musicians often work very hard to learn their instrument then once they achieve a certain level of accomplishment, can find no one to jam with?
Well no more.
Our Spaulding Band Jams are open to the public. Simply register your interest and we will combine your talents with the talents of other band members that have registered as well.
There is no fee for registration. When we have enough members to form the right band with the right chemistry, we will notify you and you can all rent the space for a really affordable price and jam. If the band "locks" you can always continue to rent rehearsal space or rehearse on your own. Our desire is simply to connect you to other musicians in the area. Register now and spread the word!

The more people that know about this service the better! Contact Us

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Studio training
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Learn any instrument online quickly and easily
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