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Community Arts Celebration
Celebrate arts in Simcoe and Grey Counties in ways that have never been done before!

Community Arts Celebration

It all started with Barrie and Collingwood Open Mics, then moved to a Television Show.  Now the Spaulding School of Music management team has joined with other management teams across the region  in order to prepare the most epic Community Arts Celebration ever to hit central Ontario.

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Believe it or not:
1) If you are a musician, poet, dancer or other artist who would like exposure on stage and local television
2) If you are an artist or crafter that would like an affordable high exposure venue to showcase your talents in a new street festival
3) If you are chef or a restaurant owner desiring to make a strong mark in the area
4) If you have a personal studio that you would love the community to learn about
5) If you are an individual who may like any or all of the above possibilities to visit and partake in a family friendly celebration
Then you will definitely not want to miss Community Arts Celebration 2015!  Yes May 30th 2015 we will be doing so much all at once, it is often hard to fathom!

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