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Praise and Worship Deeper than Ever Before
The Spaulding Method of Music has impacted Christians for many years by deepening their praise and worship experiences.

Praise and Worship Deeper than Ever Before

worship team
Over the last 15 + years Damian Spaulding has helped churches, worship leaders, worship teams and individuals discover new depths in their worship experience both corporately as well as personally.  How has this happened?
Through digging deeply in the biblical principles of praise and worship and combining these truths with the extremely flexible and unique Spaulding Method of Music,  Damian Spaulding provided a highly successful service consulting Christians in how to:
  1. Learn to express themselves more deeply through their instrument of choice
  2. Learn how to make their personal worship experience more relevant and current in their lives
  3. Learning how to bring a worship team together to be far more than musicians playing music but rather a unified presence bound together in the Holy Spirit and through that spirit impact lives deeply and directly
  4. Learn how to smooth church integrations between pastors and worship teams as well as sound and AV engineers.
  5. Delve into the deep principles of worship and how spread an effective flame of worship through a church and in-turn impact an entire community
  6. Learn how to migrate from Hymn approaches to popular contemporary Christian Praise and Worship as well as how to integrate hymns in an contemporary setting in a manner that is not dry or frustrating to a worship team.
  7. Many other principles that could list themselves for quite some time but cannot all be covered in this small page of information.

This Service is custom tailored to suit the specific needs of each person or church that makes a request and Damian Spaulding has traveled far and wide to share this service as a strong and proven way to impact lives for Christ. 
Where distance may be a limiting factor, Damian's unique service can also provided in many forms through online personalized instruction as well.  Just let him know your goals, dreams and objectives and he will consult with you and journey with you toward your success.
Whether it be a workshop for your worship team, or private online lessons to help deepen your personal journey with Christ, Damian Spaulding is here to open doors and fan flames of worship in your life that are guaranteed to be life changing.

For more information please contact us directly or navigate our website to learn more about our truly unique approach.

May Christ continue to guide you in your path and continued search for truth, righteousness, revelation, peace and all the fruits of His spirit.

For more personal information on Damian Spaulding, feel free to view his personal testimony here:
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