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Getting Ready for Disney

The Canadian Invasion has now begun!  Look out world, here we come!

Canadian Invasion Fab 5

The Canadian Invasion Fab 5 is comprised of a group of young artists with a passion for music and dance!  This artist collaboration was first inspired through the Spaulding School of Music “Emerging Artist” program.  Through this program these young artists were prepared with the skills required to achieve success in large professional productions and the music industry as a whole.  As a result, members of this group have now caught the attention of major producers directly connected to Walt Disney Studios in LA!

Central Ontario’s first exposure to these emerging artists was through the highly successful Glow Christmas show.
Their performances experienced rave reviews and now they are bringing to you a series of concerts and fund raising events to help usher in their new professional careers emerging south of the border.

On Sunday March 24th 3:00pm to 5:00pm Emily Effler and the Undercurrents will be performing at Donaleighs in downtown Barrie:  This is their first solo show and we would love it if you could show your support by joining them and sharing this event with friends.

Saturday April 6th the Spaulding School of Music will be hosting a free Open Mic from 2:00pm to 5:00pm where all members of the community are invited to take to the stage.  This event will also be tied to the Canadian Invasion Fab 5 as many of the artists will be there.  Auctioning of items and many other cool fund-raising ideas will also be there that day so please show your support by inviting all of your friends, grabbing some really great silent-auction items and sharing in the excitement!

Saturday April 13th, 20th and 27th will also be great events that will be soon announced so please keep those dates open and share the news with friends so that we as a community can show our support for these Five Amazing Artists!

A fairly detailed interview describing current direction and opportunity of the Fab 5 and Disney can be found here:

The Name:
The name Canadian Invasion came as a result of direct communications between Damian Spaulding and the Disney Highschool Music producers.  If you recall the “British Invasion” from the 1970’s, well the time is right for a “Canadian Invasion” of the 2020’s.   These young artists will soon be marketed to Disney for possible roles in music production, television production and movie production.  Excitement is high and the journey is still young, but these young artists are ramping up to great things!
Fab 5 is simply because these five girls are absolutely fabulous!!!! You gotta there them sing!  You gotta see them move!

Daphne Makrostergios – Aged 9
Emily Effler – Aged 11
Taryn Roberts – Aged 11
Aurora De La Roca – Aged 15
Olivia Beausolei – Aged 15



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