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Professional music lessons that travel with you
There is no better time than now to pick up or perfect that instrument you always wanted. Even if your job carries you across the globe on a regular base, your professional music lessons can travel with you.

Professional music lessons that travel with you

Professional World-Wide Music Lessons

Music lessons for the business professional
Business professionals that are continually on-the-run often need a therapy that calms the nerves and brings joy to what can often be a grind of life.  Here is where music can come in, but when you are continually on the road it is next to impossible to walk through a steady learning process... Until now.
The Spaulding School of Music online learning program is perfect for the business or traveling professional that needs a teaching and time management schedule as flexible as their lifestyle demands.  Through our Online Training program you can partake in one-on-one online music lessons from every in the world (office or hotel) at time intervals that best suit your busy life style (once a week or sporadically when time allows).
Unlike most teaching methods that require highly structured and regimented process of learning, the Spaulding Method is highly flexible.  It bends to fit your goals, objectives and time allowances.  
Our teachers will consult with you to create a success-plan that will flex around your busy life style.  We believe every student is unique and our our customizable system allows us to teach you in exactly that manner.
Book your first session today and experience first-hand how music can be taught in a revolutionary new manner that customizes to you and your preferred styles of music, but also can be made highly convenient for your hectic and demanding lifestyle.  
Don't wait for your retirement years to start on a journey that you wanted to start many years ago.  Start now and experience the joys of music for the rest of your life while there is plenty of time left Book Today

Adult Online Learning

Learn any instrument online as an adult
Learn online from your office, home or even hotel room. Read More

Learn Any Instrument

The Spaulding Method for All Instruments
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The Spaulding Method

The Spaulding Method
Our Spaulding Method guarantees your success so long as you spend more than 2.5 hours / week playing. Music never needs to be arduous. Read More

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