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Business Development Expertise

Not only has Damian Spaulding developed the most celebrated school in Central Ontario but he has also built successful emerging enterprises in software development and built a reputation as a solid business development consultant.
Through Damian’s Business Consulting services, he will get to know the in-depth structures of your business or enterprise (pro-profit or non), integrate with his extended teem where needed, and lead you to new heights of success weather that be through areas of:
1) Increased sales
2) Increased profitability through increased efficiency
3) Stronger management expertise and business leadership
4) Tactical business development and strategic thinking
5) Industry forecasting and planning
6) Competitive analysis and re-structuring
7) Financial management and project planning
8) Team management and time collaboration
9) Business plan development
The list can of course move on to dozens of concepts.  Each consultation engagement customizes to the needs of the client and if there is a challenge that Damian Spaulding might not be able to facilitate directly, his extensive list of consulting relationships will guaranteed bring you the right individuals to facilitate your needs.
$200 / hour

In 2016 I was browsing the web for music schools in my area, i was going through online reviews from schools in the Barrie area and the reviews from the Spaulding School Of Music caught my attention, if those music classes are really that great I got to at least try one lesson. Let's say it's been years now and in these years Damian has been not only my music teacher but also became my mentor and role model in business. Damian has been giving me alot of guidance in my personal life too when I struggled to communicate with the people that are close to me in very difficult situations and for that I am also very grateful. Where I have grown the most with Damian's guidance is being a leader, from communicating with my workers in a professional and positive manner and to being a first responder in a life threatening medical emergency situation keeping a cool head and taking control of the situation. Meeting Damian has changed my life dramatically because my personal growth has increased changing the quality of my business life and personal life. I recommend anyone to just give it one shot, just like I did.

Tobias Schulz
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Personal Development

Personal Development

Discover new victories and new successes in your personal and professional life

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Consulting Services

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Learn to excel in many ways through Damian Spaulding’s 100% personalized consulting services

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