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Never be confused or intimidated by music theory again
Music theory does need not be confusing, intimidating or boring. Through proper applied theory practices high level music theory is actually fun and highly engaging.

Applied Theory

Learn how to apply music theory properly in our online course
Most teaching styles teach theory as separate from the practical and performance side of an instrument. In this method a student often memorizes seemingly complex theoretical principles without ever learning how to apply these principles to their craft: What good is the knowledge of how to build a minor diminished flat five chord if the artist does not know how to apply it?

The Spaulding Method ensures the learning of theory is not only fun and interactive but proves useful to the student on a daily performance or compositional base. Quite often a student perceives their theoretical learning as almost an "accident" of learning their instrument.

Through the Spaulding Method even very young students conceptualize, internalize and utilize even university level theoretical principles.

Practical Theory
When an artist is forced to learn music song by song and instrument specific, the mastery of music can become a long and tedious task. When an artist learns the foundational building blocks of music and their instrument, the learning and mastery of music becomes rapid, reflex and relatively easy. Self motivation also becomes easier for the student because the student always plays their favorite songs through the learning process; no need for 200 year old studies or high stress examinations of songs you never really desired to learn anyway. In short, don't force yourself to learn Chopin when your heart is really yearning to learn Greenday.

The Spaulding Method focuses learning the foundations of music and not individual songs. This makes global comprehension of any song and any style a reality and compositional breeze. A fantastic by-product of this learning style is that is becomes simple to apply the foundational knowledge learned from one instrument to the next. Whether you stay in the same instrument family (Violin to Viola) or change all together (Piano to Guitar) the transition becomes fairly smooth and learning of the second instrument is quite accelerated.

Many students graduate from the Spaulding Method having learned many instruments in the same time it would normally take to learn one. Book Today

The Spaulding Method

The Spaulding Method
The Spaulding Method is a new way of learning music. Through this method you will be able to quickly learn how to play by ear as well as by sheet music. Read More

Self Motivated Music

Motivate yourself in 30 days
Music never needs to be tedious. The Spaulding Method is specifically designed to allow a student at any age to self-motivate themselves. Read More

30 Day Success Program

Learn any instrument in 30 days
Learn any instrument in only 30 days! This intense program will yield great results and is excellent for the adult or sub-adult learner. Read More

Adult Learning

Learn any instrument online as an adult
In three lessons though The Spaulding Method an adult learner can gain the same distance as younger students with over 4x the time. Read More

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