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A great man and a great teacher!

Andre Blais

Andre began playing music at a young age, but truly found his passion at 14 when he discovered the bass guitar. He quickly found himself playing in live situations and started forming bands with friends and developing his musicianship. Originally influenced by acts such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus and Metallica, he soon found himself playing and learning from almost every genre of music he could get his hand on.

His professional career includes almost a decade of teaching, as well as playing in pit bands for several musical theatre productions in the area, countless original, cover and tribute acts, as well as providing services as a session musician. Currently, he is focusing on composing and performing original music with his progressive metal group Starved at the Root, and playing with Juno and CFMA-winning artists Digging Roots

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A cost effective approach to music lessons
Through the Spaulding Method, not only do you experience the high amounts of pleasure associated with learning how to play music naturally by ear, but each lesson also packs far more of a punch when it comes to dollar value per lesson.  Book Today

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