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For ages 7 to 87 it is never too late to learn music
Because of the Spaulding Method accelerated learning approach. Adults can learn instruments on average more than twice as fast as children

Adult Music Lessons

Adult Music Lessons

1) I have wanted to learn music all my life and didn't take it as a child, Is it too late to learn music as an adult?
2) I had years of lessons, never enjoyed them, got frustrated and quit. But I would still like to "play" can you help me?
3) I am now an adult musician but have grown tired of requiring "sheet music" every time I go to play my instrument. How can I escape this reality and play freely like those I see on TV and stage?

We cannot tell you how many times we have heard these three questions presented to us and contrary to popular belief, adults often make better students than children (through the Spaulding Method of learning). You see through the Spaulding Method normally the only element that slows the learning curve of a student is the individualized retention capabilities of each learner; and adults (since they have already learned how to learn) regularly pick up their instrument of choice far faster than those that are many years their junior. When you think about it (if you have children) when your child is taking lessons aren't you the person that ends up trying to remember the details of your child's tasks for the week and not your child? It is this truth that makes the Spaulding Method so well suited for adult students as well as children. We leverage your well developed capabilities so-well that often adults regularly out-pace children in learning speed well as retention. There is no need to start learning music as a child because though the Spaulding Method there is now a way for you to successfully achieve all of your dreams and goals as an adult learner. It is time to now to experience the love of music in the ways you have always desired. The Spaulding Method is custom suited for you. Book Today

30 Day Success Program

Learn any instrument in 30 days
As an adult learner you can actually learn any instrument in 30 days. How? Unlike a child we do not have to teach you how to learn. You already know that! Read More

Adult Online Learning

Learn Any Instrument Online
Learning music online is simple and very effective. Through our method there is no need for a traditional studio environment. Read More

Applied Theory Approach

Learn Music Throgh Applied Theory
Learn high-level music theory without even knowing it. No books, no boredom and no frustration. Read More

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