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The Spaulding Method has been specifically designed to enable a student to successfully learn the basis any instrument in 30 days. Succeeding at this task requires great commitment and focus on behalf of the student and the results are equally rewarding once achieved. Our 30 day approach is excellent for adult learners as well as advanced children:
Imagine at the beginning of one month not being able to play an instrument or express yourself in music and by the next month, being able to compose and play effortlessly though your new found talent and instrument. We have made this dream a reality for hundreds of students and look forward to doing the same with you!

Here is how it works:
You decide on a 30 day interval to learn your craft and during this time you focus 100% on your instrument of choice (piano, voice, guitar etc.). With each lesson (as we do with every lesson) we flood your brain with knowledge about your instrument and you have the entire week to apply the wealth of knowledge and create newly found habits. In 4 to 6 intense lessons you will be able to gain an understanding of 80% of any instrument you choose. The remaining mastery of your instrument can take the rest of your life (as music is a continual learning curve) but rest assured you will know everything you need to know to teach yourself from there. After the intensive time you can choose to still take lessons with us to help you gain the last bits of mastery as you continue to grow in your craft, but further participation with us is 100% optional :). During the intense program time, lessons may range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes in duration and your success is largely based upon your application of the principles you learn on a weekly base.

We know adult learners are often hard pressed for time for standard weekly lessons however anyone can find 30 days to dig into a new craft and thanks to our unique teaching style, you can achieve any instrument in that short window. The rest is up to you.

Group lessons can also arranged in this fashion as Damian Spaulding has had experience teaching classes in size of even 30 or more. More individualized attention is always preferred however.

For established musicians:
Our 30 day intensive method has also been applied for adults or accomplished musicians that feel as though they have hit a plateau that they cannot break through and are looking for a quick immersion in music in order to get them to that all illusive ‘next level’ in their music playing experience.

This venue is also perfect for the “conservatory trained” musician that has become frustrated that they cannot simply “play” their instrument or compose without sheet music or other method of assistance. We have helped many individuals that are frustrated from this reality. Just about anyone can learn to play music be ear!

Music Lessons in Barrie Collingwood and Blue Mountain
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