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30 days - All you need for great success!
Warning! This highly condensed and intense program is not for the faint of heart.  
With deep immersion in the Spaulding method you will be able to learn the basis of almost any instrument in 30 days.  Standard Spaulding Music Lessons will achieve the same result in about 3-6 months of lessons.  Music can be easy.

Learn Any Instrument in 30 Days

How to learn any instrument in 30 days
The Spaulding Method has been specifically designed to enable a student to successfully learn the basis any instrument in 30 days. Succeeding at this task requires great commitment and focus on behalf of the student and the results are equally rewarding once achieved. Our 30 day approach is excellent for adult learners as well as advanced children.
Imagine at the beginning of one month not being able to play an instrument or express yourself in music and by the next month, being able to compose and play effortlessly though your new-found talent. We have already made this dream a reality for hundreds of students and look forward to doing the same with you!

How It Works:
You decide on a 30 day interval to learn your craft and during this time you focus as much as you can on your instrument of choice (piano, voice, guitar etc.). With each lesson (as we do with every lesson) we flood your brain with knowledge about your instrument and you follow up by applying what you have learning through the following week.  In 4 to 6 intense (1 hour) lessons you will be able to gain an understanding of 75% of any instrument you choose. The remaining mastery of your instrument can be done at a lesser education rate as we taper off your lessons through time.  You are in control at all time the direction and duration you take for all of your lessons with us.  Our one-on-one teacher services are there to help you succeed.   

Why 30 Days?
We know adult learners are often hard pressed to find time for standard weekly lessons on a continual base however anyone can find 30 days to dig into a new craft.  After this intense period you can then slow down and return to normal daily routines while enjoying your instrument long-term.  Children and youth especially often need an immersive approach learning that allows them to accomplish goals quickly. It is through the immediate reward of accomplishment that causes a student to want to continue learning their new craft.  In our experience if it takes more than three months to achieve a certain level of talent, often a student begins to drift away and parents are left "forcing" the student to practice.  This old approach is no fun for anyone and it is no wonder why there are so many talented but highly frustrated students out there today.  
In our experience 30-40 days of success is a perfect time interval to achieve set goals and begin to experience the fullness of enjoyment that only music can give.  Our intense program is also excellent for learning music while even on vacation.

Professional Musicians:
Our 30 day intensive method has also been applied for adults or accomplished musicians that feel as though they have hit a plateau that they cannot break through and are looking for a quick immersion in music in order to get them to that all illusive ‘next level’ in their music playing experience.  Normally one month of training it all it takes to step further in your music whether it be through more theory or applied techniques.  We can immerse you, then set you free.  Think of us as stand-by encyclopedia of music knowledge that is there on-call any time you need it.
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