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Online Music Teaching

Online Music Teaching

Fell in love with the Spaulding method but simply can't make the pilgrimage to Barrie or Collingwood Ontario? Now you can learn music online through the "Spaulding Method" from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home. You must have at minimum a high-speed internet connection and a video camera, speakers and microphone on your computer. We will take care of the rest.

Would you like to have a strategic advantage over all other music teachers in your area while providing a more extensive service for your clients?
Join the Spaulding School of Music Teacher Education program and learn firsthand how our proprietary teaching techniques can not only revolutionize the way you teach, but your students' experience in music as well. Our testimonials page shows a great example of what can be experienced by both parties when teaching through the Spaulding Method of music.
Upon training completion, teachers that pass the examination process will receive genuine Spaulidng Method certification and will be licensed to teach The Spaulding Method with full Spaulding School of Music endorsement world-wide. Certified teachers of the Spaulding Method will also receive a featured teacher position on our website so that students in your area looking for "Learn By Ear" training will first find you and be rest assured that their quality of teaching will be of the same high standard as every other Spaulding Method teacher world-wide.

How it Works:
You communicate with us through phone or email what your goals and objectives are in music (from intermediate to professional) and we prepare a custom curriculum for you.
While we create your custom curriculum, you install Skype on your home computer and set a date for your first online session.
Sessions can be held full time or part-time at just about any time of day (day or evening).
That's it! Let the learning begin!

Who Qualifies:
Beginner students must already have a basic working knowledge of their chosen instrument. It is easier to accomplish great goals through online training after you already know where your fingers, feet and tongue should go. (Tongue: squarely in your cheek when you are thinking really hard [jest]).
Anyone can learn to play by ear (as well as learn theory through our method). The Spaulding Method makes learning music a breeze even online.
No more being lead astray by meandering youtube videos. Learn the "real McCoy" by the founder of the Spaulidng Method while spaces might still be available.

Every teacher must be at a fully established level with their instrument of choice. Teachers must he have a well established musical ear for us to build from. You need not be able to "rip" music but you must be able to identify instruments within an orchestration and pull out elements of the music to your understanding. We can teach the rest.

Instruments Taught:
At present Spaulding Online Music Training program can be applied to all instruments and techniques mentioned on our website. Even Pro-Tools Studio Engineering can be taught online through the Spaulidng Method.

Who will be Teaching:
Both student lessons and teacher lessons will be taught by Damian Spaulding (founder of the Spaulding Method). Spaces are limited so inquire early in order to be assured a spot in the near future.

Testimonials [just a start]

Sarah Kobunski

I just had my first guitar lesson from Spaulding School of Music with Damian Spaulding! It was incredible!!!!

I’ve longed to take lessons and now I get to take them in my home, in Ohio, while Damian is in Barrie, Ontario! Even if I chose someone in my town to help me, I’d spend my time and money to commute. I loved avoiding the drive! I loved just meeting in one little corner of my home and not having to clean it all to let someone teach me in my home too. My five year old son played in the next room during the guitar lesson. It was also very nice that I didn’t have to find childcare or pay for it!

Getting ready for the lesson was easy. Damian helped me set up Skype for the first time, so we could see each other. He also had another program that allowed us to see valuable resources on his screen. It was very easy to set up and didn’t take more than a few minutes each.

Damian is incredible! He customized the lesson to meet my needs by finding out my interests and personalizing the lessons around them. I feel empowered to move forward. I was scared about things like strumming patterns and I loved how meeting with him removed all fear! He showed me how to strum, slowly, step by step and let me know it was ok to go slowly until I can go faster.

I like that I don’t have to practice repetitive, boring music too.

It is pretty incredible that just one lesson was so valuable because he met my needs and really concentrated on what was important. It was amazing how much he could put into one lesson. I have so much to practice and now I feel like I could do it.

Damian Spaulding’s personality is fun, easy going, and helpful. It didn’t hurt that he’s really good with the guitar too. Listening to him play inspires me to play! I can’t wait to put into practice all that we covered and I can’t wait for my next guitar lesson.

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At every lesson all you will need is:
  1. List of favorite artists or songs (Ipod or MP3 player if possible)
  2. A note pad or binder
  3. Writing utensil
There is no need to purchase books and there is no need for boredom so feel free to check your boredom at the door as we are sure that we will not only engage you but also inspire you in your instrument of choice.

Once you try the Spaulding Method you will never look at music the same way again. We guarantee it!

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