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Sound Engineering

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Understanding of sound engineering not only makes for a good musician that can communicate educatedly with a sound engineer / stage crew, but can also make for a good career in itself. The Spaulding Sound Engineering unit teaches:
  • The science of sound and the high level building blocks of sound and music
  • Proper use of all sound and recording devices
    • Mics
    • Amps
    • Boards
    • Software
    • Compressors
    • Effects processors
    • etc
  • Sound acoustics and "handling a room"
  • Stage etiquette (proper mic usage, sound communication etc.)
  • Artist communication
  • Many other components of sound engineering
Sound engineering contains a large world of knowledge and proper training in this realm is important to just about any artist. For those that desire it, Sound Engineering is taught as an integrated part of the Spaulding Method or can also be instructed as a separate unit for individuals desiring to enter the industry and want a comprehensive introduction to "sound" operation; also this unit is fantastic for artists who desire to get a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes when they perform. Knowledge of Sound Engineering facilitates communication between the artist and the production team; this heightened team work makes for a better performance all around.

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At every lesson all you will need is:
  1. List of favorite artists or songs (Ipod or MP3 player if possible)
  2. A note pad or binder
  3. Writing utensil
There is no need to purchase books and there is no need for boredom so feel free to check your boredom at the door as we are sure that we will not only engage you but also inspire you in your instrument of choice.

Once you try the Spaulding Method you will never look at music the same way again. We guarantee it!

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