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Learn how to play any instrument "by ear" through the highly successful Spaulding Method of learning music. Voice, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Saxophone and even international instruments are well within your grasp through the Spaulding Method.

Remember the fat saxophone sounds of the 80's or the amazing / expressive sax lines you hear in jazz? How often do you think those musicians had to learn their lines by reading it by a third-party composer? If you said next to none, you are absolutely correct.

At the Spaulding School of music we have learned that there are often two kinds of musicians:
  1. Those that can create
  2. Those that can regurgitate
We have found that the second is all too common in our world especially since the type of learning that has been generally adopted leads directly to the second of the two styles of playing. Though The Spaulding Method we first teach you the first step (how to play music like a language) then move to the second step (enjoying others compositions by exact replication).

To be very honest with you, most musicians just desire to pick up their sax and play! And that is exactly what we teach! Music from the aspect of a performer, composer and expressionist. Play along with your favorite jazz tune or "fake" music like a professional within months of starting lessons and not years.

Best of all, our teaching method instructs the instrument in its "natural key" rather than the standard sheet music key approach. This yields huge advantages for live music collaboration in band settings. Don't worry though, you will also learn sheet through The Spaulding Method as well.

Give us a try and see for yourself what our teaching style can accomplish.

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At every lesson all you will need is:
  1. List of favorite artists or songs (Ipod or MP3 player if possible)
  2. A note pad or binder
  3. Writing utensil
There is no need to purchase books and there is no need for boredom so feel free to check your boredom at the door as we are sure that we will not only engage you but also inspire you in your instrument of choice.

Once you try the Spaulding Method you will never look at music the same way again. We guarantee it!

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