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Piano does not have to be learned in 8 + years. Piano is actually learned by most students in the Spaulding Method within normally 1-3 years. It's true! Our Testimony page attests to that.

Through the Spaulding Method you first learn to speak Piano like a language (natively by ear) then migrate to reading sheet music if your style of music demands it.

When you think about it, when was the last time you saw really good / accurate sheet music for any modern music? To be frank, it does not exist. Hal Leonard for example often hires musicians like us to listen to modern music and build "Easy" "Medium" and "Hard" versions for songs that once complete barely resemble the original composition to begin with.

Let us teach you how to really play piano without sheet and play from your heart and soul. Play by ear then by sheet we say.
You did not learn English by reading it first did you? Of course not! You learned English by speaking / understanding it first and then you expanded your vocabulary. Once you had a general understanding, you finally learned to read and write the language as well.
If music is a language (as they say) then why is it most teachers regularly teach music in reverse? They teach you to read music first then hope that one day you may be able to reach that all to elusive goal of "composition". In blunt truth, even most teachers of present day simply cannot openly compose music on the spot like most stage musicians on such a regular base. Therefore right from the start teachers are crippled and unable to teach how to play by ear, create or even be 100% spontaneous on the instrument. Ask any teacher and you will quickly find this often hidden truth.

We cannot tell you the number of traditionally trained musicians / students that have come to us asking them to teach them how to just "play" piano because after years of "learning" they still feel as though they got nowhere but frustrated and wanted to quit because of it. They are great at playing scales and triads pretty well however.
Well let's put an end to this with old teaching approach that has burned out so many great musicians and learn music the way it was meant to be learned. As an item of deep self expression.

Our method is built solely with this in mind and w are waiting for you to experience it for itself. There is a reason why we have been trusted by hundreds to instruct them in music and there is proof in the results of our graduated students that the sky is truly the limit through The Spaulding School of Music. Many of our students have become world-class touring professional musicians and we look forward to instructing you with the same passion and strategy we trained them.

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At every lesson all you will need is:
  1. List of favorite artists or songs (Ipod or MP3 player if possible)
  2. A note pad or binder
  3. Writing utensil
There is no need to purchase books and there is no need for boredom so feel free to check your boredom at the door as we are sure that we will not only engage you but also inspire you in your instrument of choice.

Once you try the Spaulding Method you will never look at music the same way again. We guarantee it!

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