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Public and Private Afterschool Music Program

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Have your school host an affordable new learning style of music that is not only engaging but highly rewarding.
The Spaulding School of Music afterschool program is designed to give students an accelerated and fun learning experience of modern music in an interactive classroom environment. There are no books and no boredom with this group method of teaching and by combining students into an afterschool program, a very cost effective service can be benefited from for parents.
Through the Spaulding Afterschool program a "Spaulding Method" certified teacher will instruct classes up to 30 students at a time in the four major instruments of modern music: Guitar, Piano, Drums and Voice (depending on instructor's availability).

During this program, students will not only select what instrument they desire to learn but also the songs or artists they would like to play. Through this unique approach students automatically motivate themselves to learn their instrument of choice because they are in direct control of their own learning processes. This afterschool program strives to be as responsive as possible to the needs of each student and encourage new growth and excellence in the areas of music in the lives of each student.

During the 8 or 12 week session students will be able to learn their instrument of choice as well as work toward playing together with other students as a "Band". Since teaching is often the best way to learn, the more advanced musical students help to mentor the junior students in their craft and this fluid environment leads to an enhanced co-operative learning process.

This program is designed to be a strong addition to the academic music program already taught in schools and the Spaulding afterschool music program can be customized to directly tie together with teaching processes of present curriculum work. Therefore each child can experience a combined teaching experience as what they learn after-school will also pertain to what has been learned in music during school hours.

Each 8-12 week program is often run consecutively (based upon child re-enrolment) through the length of the school year. Students that gain a high level of proficiency through the year are encouraged to partake in an end-of-year assembly or "battle of the bands" to showcase their new talents.
If an assembly is chosen to be run in the school, the performance will strive be 100% student driven if possible. For this performance, students within the program and outside of the program can choose to undertake an optional extended technical afterschool training program. This program will train students in the areas of successful stage production and management. Once this 4 week program is complete, students will be capable of running all sound and lighting on their own with little to no teacher supervision.

Grades 4 -8 and 9-12 are welcome to partake in the appropriate separate groups

For more information on the Spaulidng School of Music Private and public Afterschool music program please Contact Us.
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