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Youth Drama Club
Learn directly from one of the best in our local industry

Youth Drama Club
Drama gives a sense of empowerment and release in personal expression that is second to none.  This experience is not lost on the youth of today.  Treat yourself or your child to enjoying the fullness that can only be experienced through Drama and our new Youth Drama Program.

With our new highly interactive approach to drama, you or your child will be able to experience what it is like to savor a new dramatic personality, interact with other peers and feed off of each others' creativity.

With the leadership of Laura LaChapelle (director of numerous successful plays and actor herself) you can experience first-hand what it is like to be launched to new heights in drama, stage awareness and skill.  Need we say more?

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The Spaulding Method

The Spaulding Method of Learning Music
The Spaulding Method is a new accelerated approach to learning how to play music by ear as well as by sheet music. After 20 years of development, our strategies for success are guaranteed to help you. Read More

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